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Our goal is to provide the retail investor with all the necessary information to be successful in the emerging cryptocurrency market. We provide all aspects of market analysis including both fundamental and technical representation of data gathered. It is our aim to provide reports that contain detailed qualitative and quantitative research regarding the respective market matter in a way that anyone can gain insight.

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Our team utilizes a variety of concepts and methods in order to process all types of data, allowing us to effectively identify promising investment opportunities. Once we have the data compiled we use our discretion to form an objective analysis within a specific sector. 


Below you can see the broad spectrum of tools we use throughout the investment and trading process.



We closely examine projects by considering many factors, such as token economics, management, technology,  transactions and many more while also paying attention to the macroeconomic state of affairs within the broad market.



A large portion of our data comes from use of Pythons quantitative modules. The programming language gives us the ability to form statistical and financial models that aid in identifying market trends and correlations.



Technical analysis makes it possible to understand the direction in which a certain asset price is headed. Using historical data in combination with algorithmic strategies, driven by various indicators, we can minimize risk when trading.