The Team

Who are we?

Ceres Plutus is team composed of two friends who share a passion for trading cryptocurrencies. They have taken the time to watch the markets these last couple years in order to get a better idea of how the markets work. Ceres Plutus' posts are opinion based strategies that are backtested by an algorithmic bot that was discovered in the last couple of months.

We have access to...

Compiled historical data of markets and exchanges over a various time span.

We are able to create...

 Custom strategies backtested by using historical data.

We use our own bot...

"Wolfie", an algorithmic "robot" that processes our custom strategies via algorithm.

We have...

Experience with crypto markets and tech, honing intuition when facing potential investments.

Our Performance

The team has seen success in their trading strategies, as their personal portfolio (consisting of non-major alt-coins) is continuously growing at an astronomic rate. It is their hope that users of this site become as successful as they have become through their insights into the market.


Portfolio Percent Value